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AMERICAN ENGLISH FOR WORLD MEDIA. A guide to grammar, usage, pronunciation and professional terminology for journalists and other media professionals who are not native speakers of English but need to use it in their work. Published in November 2016 by CUNY Journalism Press.

ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND WRITING. With Zhu Xiangjun. A guide for Chinese learners of the English language. To be published in July 2018 by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.


TRAVELING IN TONGUES: A Life Shaped by Language. A memoir of the author’s life as a perpetual student of languages — including English, Latin, French and Japanese — and her transformation into a teacher of her own language abroad.

THE LEAP: From Dancer to Director in 21st-Century  Ballet. With Bonnie E. Robson. An examination of the artistic director’s roles and responsibilities, based on interviews by Dr. Robson, a psychiatrist specializing in the performing arts, with the directors of 40 ballet companies in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

GONE WALKABOUT: Journeys of a Lifetime. A collection of travel essays, drawn from articles published in The Boston Globe and The New York Times as well as previously unpublished material.

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