It seems like only yesterday that I touched down at Newark after the Great China Adventure of 2010. Actually, it was almost yesterday — well, two months ago, which feels like no time at all after nearly five months in China. On Saturday I take off again, this time for Europe and, I hope, Turkey. In the meantime, I’ve barely been home for two weeks at a stretch, having made short trips to Boston, the Berkshires, North Carolina and Washington.

For those of you who like to keep track:

Saturday: I take off for five days in London to do an interview for the ballet book I’m writing with Bonnie Robson and, of course, to pack in as much theater as possible — three shows booked so far, one slot as yet unfilled.

Sept. 24-27: Berlin and environs for the opera and the Muench family.

Sept. 27-Oct. 3: Stuttgart, to shadow the artistic director of the Stuttgart Ballet for a few days, on which I expect to base the first chapter of the book. If I have a slow day, I may run down to Strasbourg, just over an hour away on the TGV.

Oct. 3-5 (tentative): Erfurt, for a couple of days of sightseeing on Steffen’s recommendation (Aug. 2 e-mail: “Erfurt you must see! It’s a wonderful middle age city …”).

Oct. 5-28: Wroclaw, Poland, for the fourth time. This year I’ll be breaking new ground, teaching outside the New School’s summer practicum there for the first time and  introducing a new course, “Cultural Backgrounds of English-Speaking Nations,” for advanced levels. If that sounds suspiciously familiar, you’re right: it was my Friday night class in China, which I’m reshaping for a European audience. It will be my first visit to Wroclaw not in the summertime, and my first during opera season.  I’m already booked for four and in heavy negotiations for a fifth.

Oct. 28-Nov. 10: Good question. I’m still on the waiting list to join my friend Lois for a two-week tour of Turkey. If that comes to pass, I should be home Nov. 10; if not, I may still be home Nov. 10. Since I’ve thrown caution to the winds and booked my return flight from Istanbul by way of Warsaw, I’m toying with the idea of flying down there anyway and either following the tour or making up my own. Or I may do a bit more traveling in Poland or just come home early, Continental and LOT willing.

By my recent standards, this is just a very quick trip. You know where to find me.

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